Puppy love

While I was browsing through photos on my computer today I happened to stumble across my all time favourite Lisen photo. It's of Lisen saying goodbye to one of her puppies. Full post at: Puppy love...more

New Study Says Pets Are Good for You

A recent study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, concluded that pets are an important source of social support and provide many psychological and physical advantages for their human companions....more

How To Tell When It's Mid-Summer!!


Fallen tree

Today I decided to take Lisen to the forest. However, we didn't get very far because of this fallen tree on the forest road. I even got out of the car in the pouring rain to try and pull the tree aside.Full post: Fallen tree...more

Dogs For The Cause: Doggie Buys That Give Back to Charity

While big-name brands are increasingly recognizing the value in teaming up with a charity that appeals to their consumers, the pet industry -- like a loyal pup -- is tagging close behind....more

Why I Like Dogs Better Than Most People

It’s going to be a ranty day....more

Is One The Loneliest Number?

She is enjoying her life with her husband. They have a lovely and tidy apartment, a good routine, and a great dog. She has time for cooking meals she enjoys, going out with friends, and blogging about her passions. Where do children fit into all of this? Ashley Lauren tackles the question of whether she wants to change the way things are. She knows one thing: when it comes to kids, IF they have any, they're only having one. They learned that from their dog. ...more

I didnt want to be a Mom until the month before I conceived and 18 years on it is the best ...more

Laughter Through Tears & a Little White Dog

This isn't a story about a dog. Not really.It's Tuesday, a warm June afternoon and I'm sitting alone in my living room. Criss-cross-applesauce in the recliner, dreading the phone call I know is coming. Finally it rings, and reading my aunt's name on the screen, I answer. "You have bad news.""Depends on how you look at it," she says, crying.And then I'm sobbing, large shaking cries that actually make noise. Cries that give the "boo hoo's" their creed. I hold myself and rock, in a fashion done only by those who are truly devastated....more

Dog Bless America

Dog Bless You, a non-profit organization that celebrates all things canine, has teamed up with other like-minded groups to donate free service dogs to recent war veterans. All they are asking is to be liked…on Facebook....more

I about had a cow: Buddha and the Yorkies

I about had a cow: Buddha and the Yorkies   'I About Had a Cow' Division ...more

My heart just sank into my stomach when I started to read this...LOL! Luckily, it was only a ...more