Red - Starring Brian Cox

Are you woken up by your four legged friend? Their face is right in your face sniffing, licking and begging you to get up. No matter how much of a morning person you are not, it gives you the biggest smile every time, right? That is exactly the opening scene in the movie Red (not to be confused with Red starring Bruce Willis). I was grinning from ear to ear because I have two dogs that wake me up that way....more

Spread the love: Adopt a less "popular" dog

I love black dogs because their eyes sparkle and their smiles are so adorable! Sadly, many people overlook this when they go to an animal shelter. Black dogs–especially big black dogs–end up spending weeks longer than other dogs in an animal shelter. Darker dogs tend to be more difficult to photograph and unfortunately prospective owners may overlook the dog's other wonderful features. There are many reasons less popular dogs end up sitting in a shelter and never find a home....more

Pets R Us

I openly admit to adoring my dog. I LOVE MY DOG. My dog is awesome! Except when I have to lift up his mess - But, like any good mother, I forget that he poops and he pretends that I’m the greatest thing since..What do dogs love? Bones? I’m better than bones....more

Some things are just wrong: Cesar Romero as a sort-of-cockney traveling gymnast in baggy tights

So I was watching Julia Misbehaves, a 1948 movie starring Greer Garson and Mr. Wooden Face himself, Walter Pidgeon. I hate Walter Pidgeon. I always want to stick a hat pin into his behind to see if the shock and pain would bring any expression to his immobile features. "Oh, god, Walter Pidgeon! Why was he a big star?" I said to the dog....more
Yup, I love them. Thank you for leaving a comment.more

Law Enforcement Dogs Are Not Bulletproof - A Thought For 9/11

Police dogs risk their lives in the line of duty every day....more

And then I tripped over my dog

What's Your Favorite Kind of Pet or Animal?

Last week the BlogHer Research Center asked about what's worrying our community and the first ever Anxiety Opinion Poll really struck a nerve.  We received the highest number of votes and greatest number of comments of any poll since we started posting them almost 30 weeks ago.  To see the results for last week's poll, you can click here.  The number one concern that keeps folks in our community awake at night is "worrying about my kids and their future", followed by "h...more
I love my sweet Yorkie! more

Street Pets

People asking for money on the street is unfortunately nothing new to any large city, especially in Manhattan. But, what is disturbing is what seems to be a trend in New York City to involve animals....more
I work for a "no-kill" animal shelter. We take in many dogs from families and individuals who ...more

Mega dog bone obsession

My sister gave Lisen a mega bone this Thursday and doggy has been obsessed with it ever since. She gnawed on it non-stop for hours the first day. I even had to drag her out for her late night walk.Full post and photos at: Mega dog bone obsession...more

Head in the Clouds

I love lying in the driveway at the end of summer day.  The concrete is still warm, yet the air has started to cool.  Usually I am alone, reflecting on life, and looking for shapes in the clouds.  I often enjoy a glass of wine while I wind down from the chaos of the day....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more