My Bernese Mountain Dog is on the Wonder Bra diet!

This photo may be a little too much {too much sharing, not cup size}.  But, this is what I recently found on my closet floor.  Apparently, my Bernese Mountain dog, Owen,  loves a good 32A under wire bra from Victoria Secret as a mid-day snack....more
lol I caught my three dogs playing tug of war with the youngest child's VS bra. Bras are great ...more

Remember Your Furry Friends On the Fourth!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and while you're all out enjoying time with friend and family, please consider the well being of our pets....more

Poor Wolfie

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Things That Make Me Happy


Sleep the Day Away

Jeez…I came in from work yesterday and our drives up from Sundays officially caught up to us. Jim had napped during the day and we both crashed around 5PM and slept through 11PM. The dogs LET us sleep. It was incredible, but as I always stated, I was from the ” I need a full six to eight hours a day or else I am worth crap..”school.We used to, on occasion, try to sleep through and come up early Monday morning. No good.Obviously coming up later on Sunday night is a little tiring too!Stay tuned and we’ll see if we get a happy medium before retirement time!...more

How much is that doggie in the window?

I lived with a dog most of m...more

Friday Wrap-Up

My Dog Babies

My youngest son is preparing to go away to college in August, and while I am freaking out, part of me knows I will be primarily okay because I have two dog babies to waddle away my time during my newfound free schedule. Many people shudder when you talk about your animals like children, but the fact of the matter is, THEY ARE CHILDREN! I always say my pooches are from my dog-womb. As the main care-taker in this house - NO ONE ELSE LIFTS A FINGER TO TAK CARE OF THE DOGS UNLESS PAID - I feel quite motherly toward my 15 year old pit-bull and 7 year old Shih tzu....more

why rescue dogs are worth it

Jarrod and I have been binge watching Game of Thrones lately. In a recent episode, a flock of crows was shown, flying and making their loud-ass "caw caw" noises. Rosie was dead asleep, but she woke up suddenly and started barking like crazy at the tv. I've also caught her barking at crows when we're in our yard....more

All Dogs Go To Heaven

There are some theologies wherein dogs don’t have souls, and thus do not exist after life has extinguished. If they do continue to exist, they for sure don’t go to Heaven.Those theologies are wrong.Thus spake Pope Fokker.Yet again, a loyal family dog has saved the life of a toddler. If that dog is not in Heaven, when I die I will stomp around the afterlife until I find where that doggie went and I will switch over to that team. I mean it....more