Keeping the Dogs Cool

 Keeping the Dogs Cool...more

Zen Master Dog

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20 Minutes To Die

Bisou's Birthday

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Camp Bow Wow

When Russell and I just got engaged and moved in together, we decided it was the perfect time to buy a dog together. Russell had never had a dog growing up while I, the dog lover that I was, had quite a few....more

Walter on the Predator/Prey Thing.


Dogs In The Storm

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Saving Lives Two at a Time

Are you a dog lover? Do you think you might become one, if you give it a chance? Has your child been begging for a dog? If you do decide to get a new dog, you could be "saving lives two at a time"! Adding a canine member to your family might be just what the doctor ordered! Owning a dog can be a therapeutic experience. See this excellent article The Therapeutic Benefits of Pets to learn how caring for a pet can make you happier and healthier. ...more

Favorite Dogs (or Clowns) in the World!

I just caught our dog Schoko picking cherries from the cherrytree. He always does that when the cherries are ripe.I had to laugh so hard because he was so aware not to be caught, but didn't see me looking through the window. So I decided to write a post about our 2 clownlike dogs.This is Schoko. He's an Autralian Shephard but has a quarter Australian Cattledog. He was actually not planned, but everyone loves him!...more
@Denise what cuties!more

7 reasons why my pugs are the best / worst

  1. Point: A pug is always there to snuggle up to you....more