Something Small that Makes Me Smile

Want to know what always puts a smile on my face?When I am walking Pippa and I notice strangers smiling at her!...more

Plaster of Guilt: Adventures of Dog-Dog

Imagine opening your front door, stepping inside, and seeing your rug covered with a white powdery substance.You do a quick review of your habits and remind yourself that as far as you can recall, you haven’t started a drug business, and then you run through a list of what the foreign powder could possibly be....more

Keeping the Dogs Cool

 Keeping the Dogs Cool...more

Zen Master Dog

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20 Minutes To Die

Bisou's Birthday

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Camp Bow Wow

When Russell and I just got engaged and moved in together, we decided it was the perfect time to buy a dog together. Russell had never had a dog growing up while I, the dog lover that I was, had quite a few....more

Walter on the Predator/Prey Thing.


Dogs In The Storm

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Saving Lives Two at a Time

Are you a dog lover? Do you think you might become one, if you give it a chance? Has your child been begging for a dog? If you do decide to get a new dog, you could be "saving lives two at a time"! Adding a canine member to your family might be just what the doctor ordered! Owning a dog can be a therapeutic experience. See this excellent article The Therapeutic Benefits of Pets to learn how caring for a pet can make you happier and healthier. ...more