A Dogs Pain: Lia's Journey

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Dog Pain: Lia's Journey

Lia's Therapeutic Rice Pod Bed was not designed by a corporation. There is a meaning and a story behind Lia's bed and how a family was able to bring this bed to life.

Lia was a golden retriever who came to our family around one-years-old because her previous family could no longer keep her. They were moving into a very small apartment and needed to find a good home for their baby.

I remember as if it were only yesterday when Lia came home with me. There she was, sitting in our kitchen when the rest of the family came in to greet her. Everyone took a step back when Lia's tail began to wag and her upper lip went way up with all her teeth showing! Much to our surprise, Lia was smiling at us. We had never seen a dog do that before, and it was the first of thousand of smiles she shared with us throughout the years.

Lia was a very loving and gentle dog and quickly became a family member. She was no longer just a ' dog ' to us. My husband and I considered her one of the kids, and to the kids, she was one of their best friends ever.

Over the years Lia filled our hearts with love. She ventured out on many trips with us, and her favorite ride was when we went for ice cream cones.

Lia always wanted to be a mom and over the years she nursed several kittens and puppies. Then the big day came, and Lia gave birth to her very own babies! It was indeed a big day for family and friends and everyone who knew Lia.

Her first pup was stillborn. Lia lay there holding the pup in her mouth and would not let her go, I remember tears falling down my cheeks. I knew Lia didn't want to accept the fact that her first baby didn't make it. When it was all done Lia birthed four pups, all who were giving to family members and are now just as special to us as Lia was.

As time moved on, Lia began to suffer with hip dysplasia and she wasn't as active as she used to be. She stopped playing in the backyard and her walks became difficult for her.

After trying several different avenues to relieve her discomfort, I put the knowledge I learned in school as a massage therapist to work and I made her a rice pod bed. I remember the first time she felt the moist heat, she stretched out and sighed. I swear I heard her say, "Thank you, mommy!" because for the first time, something was bringing her relief.

That night the rice pod bed was born. I knew the moist heat was helping her and I realized the longer she rested on the moist heat, the deeper the moist heat was penetrating into her muscles and joints.

Lia showed me just how much her new bed was actually helping her because after playing in the backyard once again she would come into the house limping and walk over to her bed and look at me. I knew that was her way of telling me " I'm ready." I would heat up her rice pods and insert them into her bed and she would lay down, get comfortable, and fall fast asleep.

While she was asleep the moist heat was able to penetrate deep into the area that was causing her pain. When Lia woke up, she was able to get up and move freely once again, no limping, no stiffness, no pain.

It was a sad day years later when Lia passed away in my arms. I kept her favorite stuffed dog she carried all the time with her. I also kept the bed she loved. Lia is sadly missed and when I look at her puppies, now four-years-old, Jack and Sophie, I see so many things in them that Lia used to do and I know apart of her is still with us and always will be.

The rice pod bed was designed out of love for Lia. I was able to comfort her and relieve her pain so she could enjoy her life. One afternoon when I went for a walk, I saw a golden retriever limping as she was walking, and this took me back to the days when Lia was suffering. I realized I could help this dog, and all animals. There is no need for our pets to suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, Lyme disease, arthritis, muscle and joint pain from old age. Together we can comfort them and help heal them.

My blog is probably one of the first that is two fold. A story and a cause. This blog was written to address two issues: the first that Lia suffered so badly with hip dysplasia and the realization that her bed can help so many animals suffering in pain and the second, is to let the public know our cause was entered into Walmarts Get On The Shelf Contest to try and produce Lia's beds and get them out there so pet owners can finally give comfort to their pet. Our love for LIa was so strong that we don't want to see other pets suffer as she had. Please watch our video on our website, you can vote for us by texting: 4645 to 383838 www.liasricepodbeds.com