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I have tried so hard to do my best by Graham

It hasn’t always been easy. Especially when he was an infant, the realization that almost every aspect of his day-to-day health and well-being was under my control was overwhelming.

But with love in my heart and a terrifying sense of responsibility on my shoulders, I dug in and vowed to consistently do the right thing for him.

I cleared the crib of possible SIDS risks like pillows and stuffed toys. I put him on his back to sleep. I put him on his tummy to play (even though he hated it). As he grew I sacrificed whatever aesthetic appeal my home may have possessed in favour of area rugs, baby gates and corner covers.

I breastfed. I pumped. I swallowed healthy horse pills and squirted liquid vitamins into his food with a tiny dropper. I bought, cooked and pureed organic veggies.

Up until just a few months ago I heated Graham’s bedtime bottles to just the right temperature to lure him into contented sleep.

And for that last act of love and concern, I will always feel guilty.

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