Dollar Store Trellis

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I purchased two clematis from a local grower and needed at least one more trellis.  So off I went to the  nurseries and grocery stores.   Some grocery stores have great deals on trellis’s during the season.  One year I purchased  a tall square tower trellis for ten dollars.   Mainly  because the clerk was so frustrated because the towers were all stacked within each other and the design swirls were getting caught within each other.   He was able to get one out and said he was going to send them back to the manufacturer.  A Great deal for me.

I  wasn’t so lucky this year.   Some of the garden centers weren’t even selling trellis’s and I didn’t want a wood one.   Metal is what I like.  I visited a nursery  three towns over and they had  a few towers to choose from, ranging from 60.00 to 150.00.  I wasn’t ready to spend that much.   I became completely frustrated  so I decided to wait until the end of the season deals.  In the meantime I needed something, so off to the dollar store I went.   This time of year the shelves were beginning to look sparse and I almost gave up hope.   I traveled the entire store and used my imagination to find something acceptable.   I came across these metal twirl stakes  a dollar 50 each x 3 equals 4.50, not a bad price.   Plus one dollar for the frog tie.   It looks pretty good.

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