The Dollars and Cents of Going Back to School

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Suddenly you decide you wish to go back to school to reinvent your career. it's no small chunk of change to invest in higher education. So, how does this career move break down in terms of dollars and cents. Learn how this woman is making it work without breaking the bank.

Sometimes when I write about going to school, I question whether or not I should include it on my blog. But, it has occurred to me that a lot of people are in their financial situations partly due to their student loans and other costs incurred during their pursuit of education.

The truth is, I did not have a CLUE I was going to go back to school when I first started this blog. My priorities have changed dramatically since I first began working on reducing my debt. I'm now in a position where if I wasn't trying to save my money for potentially paying some school costs upfront, I could pay off my existing student loan debt and be living COMPLETELY DEBT FREE.

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Economics of going back to school

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