Dominga Paz

***Hey guys, Raha from Paradigm here, I started this Bent Reeds to write about love and life, well, my friend has lovingly offered to be in charge of this blog. She is recently engaged and she knows way more about this topic than I ever will. She's also just as funny or even more funny than I am, and her and her other half are two of the most amazing couples I know. So, this is her first post of many, don't worry I will be on her and I'll make sure her fiancé "The Captain" is on her to write daily.

XO Raha ***


I think I've watched enough Mexican Telenovelas to know a little Spanish. What I meant to say was, Peaceful Sunday...but I don't know how to translate all that.


Anyway, Spanish is irrelevant to this story. Today was a particularly nice morning. The Captain woke me up at around 7, I got showered and ready for Church, and we actually made pretty good time. So, thanks for waking me up hun!


After Church, we went shopping, but not my kind of shopping, shopping for groceries. I actually saw a lot of stuff that I wanted but couldn't get, like Perfume, a soap dish for my bathroom wall (you know, the type that sticks onto the wall) but, we left the supermarket, without him letting me make a single purchase. We're on a very strict budget...o.k let me just be honest, The Captain has me on a very strict that is driving me crazy even though I know its good for me, and us and our future blah blah blah...but it's just soooo hard!


We did find a bunch of great deals, like cabbage for Ksh.5. And, I did make a few pretty good budgeting choices like, buying green grams, they cost me Ksh.85 and that's like 20 dinners covered in case I don't feel like buying anything else, it's like a staple. I wanted peas, but apparently, they aren't in season. I'm also starting to get so domesticated, like now I know what it means when people say, "wow, tomatoes have become so expensive!"


After shopping, we got home, no water so we had to use our reserve tank to do our laundry, and by we, I mean I did laundry, The Captain watched a movie, I cooked lunch, we both watched the movie. Afterwards, I had to study, he had to go meet his boys and watch football, or whatever it is guys do on a Sunday afternoon. Here's where I was totally floored, he goes like, "Babe, my boys are calling me, but if you need me to stay, I'll stay." At first I thought it was a trick question, like if I say stay, he'll resent me or say I'm a ball and chain or all that stuff, but I decided to go with it, and just be honest. I said, "Hun, I really need to study, and focus, and I focus best when you're here yelling "FOCUS" in my ear, and I need that, I'd really appreciate it if you stayed."

He stayed, and we've been studying/laughing/exchanging glances/cramming/quizzing each other/watching t.v since.

Right now I'm on a bit of a break, to do my little sister that I never had the favor of writing on her blog. She doesn't know this, but she's the one doing me a favor. I love reading 20th Paradigm and I'm sure one day her website will be incredibly massive and she'll make a difference with it! I love you small sis!


I just said, "I am dying to eat some chicken and fries", he just said, "That's Ksh.210, or 420 for both of us, that's not going to happen." It's not what he said, it's how he said it that to me just sounded like, "Yeah, let's go out and grab some dinner." I'm sure I can convince him. 


*Hey, this is the fiancé here, just letting you know, no she didn't and won't convince me!*




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