Don’t Be Tripped Up by “What’s Next?”

Most of us have an inner voice that’s always asking, “What next?” It seems that it’s never satisfied and is always pushing us forward. We can feel pressured by this voice to always do more.

This human condition causes us to move out of present time and into the presumed future. In other words, we get ahead of ourselves, trying to see what we need to do next. When we have a dream, we may have a feeling that we have to create something BIG RIGHT NOW.

The truth is, the future is built on what we do today. When we take small, daily steps we’re creating a significant future. The key to heading in the right direction, is to dream big but focus on what needs to be done today. Calm the nagger within and move steadily ahead.

Each day will bring new concepts and insights, and you will organically move yourself to a bright new future.

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