Don’t buy with your eyes!


A lot of questions I get pertain to organic vs non organic, or grass-fed over not.  I always try to explain it it terms of good, better best.  Take an apple for example. Apple juice is good (or actually I should just label it OK, since juices usually contain a lot of calories that you drink quickly, and spike your blood sugar so you get a rush of energy then a crash…), an apple is better (lots better… you’re getting the fiber that the juice is lacking which will slow down your sugar spike) and an organic apple is best (apple’s are one of the “dirty dozen” that you should buy organic if you can… see the Dirty Dozen)



However, the post takes on another similar topic… farm raised salmon vs wild.  We’ve all heard (at least I think we’ve all heard) that wild salmon is better for us than farm raised.  Wild salmon has a 20% higher protein content and a 20% lower fat content (WOW, right?). Also, farm raised salmon are given lots of antibiotics (YUCK) and are exposed to more pesticides than wild.  But here’s the part that sent me over the edge…



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