Don’t Settle..This one is for the girls:)

After having a conversation with my cousin last night I realized just how common it is for us girls to settle. We want so much to be loved that we hold on so tightly to a relationship that just plain out does not work! But yet we try….and try….. and try….. and try…… and break up, and “hang out as friends” and then talk about how we can both change and then “try ONE LAST time”… and then its perfectly, wonderfully, delightful… for a month at most and then same ol’ same ol’ routine again…. we break up and start the cycle all over…. Can anyone else relate to this???

Why do we do this! If I have learned anything in my 20′s it is 1: If the relationship doesn’t work.. it doesn’t work (deep I know) and 2: If he does not make you feel like you are the only girl and the most beautiful girl in the world.. HE IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.

I know it may not seem like it right now, but he IS out there.

I am in no way saying that relationships are just easy and work out perfectly all the time.. they DO take grace with each other and communication and hard work. But when you find the right one that work will be a different kind of work. It will be so worth it. It won’t feel like you are beating your head against a wall and on an emotional roller coaster. You will feel loved, and secure, and beautiful, and happy and it will make all the difference in the world. It will make the “work” of a relationship rewarding. It will strengthen your relationship not leave you wondering if you will still be together tomorrow or not.

So if I can encourage you girls in this area I just want you to hear this..

1: Don’t Settle.

2: If it doesn’t work…. it doesn’t work

3: If you JUST broke up A: You probably can’t just all of a sudden be friends and expect to not get back together and B: He is not changing over night, no matter how convincing he may seem about that..

4: Wait for a man that makes you feel like the only girl in the world.. he is out there

5: Don’t waste another day trying to make something work or thinking “what if” God has someone amazing for you .. when you find him you will know :)





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