Don’t wait for it !

I am a big fan of “How I Met Your Mother” sit-com, which unfortunately will end next Monday. :( I’m sure I’m going to cry like a baby watching  this last episode. :)
Probably you know Barney from this show and his famous line Legen – wait for it – dary, right?
This is a funny line and all, but what I mean is that a lot of us are stuck in this wait for it time for…ever.:)
Sure, you don’t understand it at the time, and it’s no problem for a day or two but sometimes it lasts for years.
You know what I mean, right?
“I will be so happy when I will have that body I’m dreaming about “….” I will have the coolest life when I will be so skinny like the girls in the magazines, they sure look they have so much fun.”….. “I will be so happy when I get a boyfriend or a girlfriend”…  “When I will get married my life will be so much better”

Not generalizing of course, but I see it all around me, and because I went thru the same thing at some point, I don’t want other people to suffer pointlessly..

Guys, it’s not important…please believe me… ! It’s not a good idea to wait for something in the future, and forget to live now.
It’s only after, if you are lucky, that you will understand that there is no point to wait..don’t wait for the next kg or pound you lose to feel good…don’t wait for him or her to feel happy..
I know it’s hard to do and grasp in the beginning but it’s true.
Be happy now.Not tomorrow,now. Look around. Smell the flowers. Breathe deeply and connect with yourself. Only there, inside, you will find the peace and the completeness in order to be happy.
If you feel there is something wrong with you try to fix it, be it emotional or physical, but do it one day at a time and, while keeping your goal’s importance, give the moment that you are living it’s importance also.
Do what you like, think about what makes you happy. If you didn’t discover it yet, try to do it.
Whatever you do, don’t wait for the next day, or next year. Dress nicely according to your body and be the best you can now.
The universe might just notice and give you what you wish most. ;)


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