Donald Sterling Has Always Been A Racist

As Donald Sterling lawyers up to sue the NBA for banning him for life, and attempting to strip him of his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers, the questions mount as previous cases of Sterling being a racist, arise.

During this controversial situation where a recording of Sterling was leaked to TMZ, Sterling is currently trying find a lawyer to represent him. The recording where we hear Sterling tell his girlfriend, Vivian Stiviano, that she can’t bring black people to his games or post photos with them on instagram, surfaced, after Stiviano’s friend reportedly sent it to the media. The conversation stemmed from a photograph that Stiviano posted on instagram with Sterling’s long time friend, Magic Johnson. Many analysts are skeptical for if Sterling will be able to get backing from a law firm and Leigh Steinberg, owner of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, said in a sarcastic manor, “good luck” to Sterling during an interview. While talking to Maria Menounos’ network, Black Hollywood Live, Steinberg said that it is written in the constitution that the owner affected in any procedure waives the rights to take the matter to court, when he signed to buy the team. It seems as if Sterling is fighting a lost cause with this being the case, and not even legal powerhouse firm Glaser Weil, who Sterling’s people have reached out to, can help him. Ironically, Paula Deen hired this company to defend her after racial discrimination remarks, last year.

Sterling does continue though to make strange remarks allegedly admitting to online magazine duJour “I wish I had paid her (V. Stiviano) off.” This comment, and the racist remarks, however, don’t come as a surprise to many people, as they remember previous racist comments sterling made. Former GM of the Clippers, Elgin Baylor, previously filed a lawsuit against Sterling claiming that Sterling said he envisioned “the Clippers team to be composed of poor black boys from the South playing for a white head coach.” It seems as if the NBA has swept many claims that Sterling is racist under the rug for many years, but now they have had no choice but to face the situation head on.
Although Stiviano said in an interview with Barbara Walters last Friday that Sterling is “hurting,” his actions don’t necessarily show that. If this was the case, you would think during a time when he is getting ready to sue the NBA, mingling at the busy restaurant with cameras waiting outside, like lions ready to jump on their pray, would be out of the question. But Sterling dined at the high-profile restaurant in Beverly Hills, The Grill, last week. Sterling didn’t answer any questions that were thrown at him, such as “do you think the players deserve an apology” as he walked to his car service.
The Clippers have now advanced into the playoffs where they will be play the favorite Oklahoma City Thunder, but the Clippers were distracted by this situation while playing the Golden State Warriors in the first round. An apology is something that may not go a long way in this situation, but it is definitely necessary for not only the players, but for the fans, also.

This situation is part of a whole topic that is larger than basketball, racial segregation, but this will pass, and the chance to win an NBA Championship is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I think even people who aren’t Clippers fans, feel for these players.