Donate Your Dress; Make a Girl’s Dream Come True


Prom dress

Prom dress (Photo credit: ricklibrarian)

Think about your prom. Remember how special that night felt? Even now, you can feel that it was one of the highlights of your youth. Now imagine it the from view of a young girl whose family doesn’t have the money. They’re just able to pay rent and food. For a lot of girls, prom is simply more than they can afford. What if you could make prom a night they would always remember — where they could feel like a princess  even if it is for just one night?

Luckily, there’s an organization committed to helping every girl have her dream night: Donate My Dress encourages girls to donate their old prom and party dresses to others who really need them. The organization can also help with other prom essentials like shoes, jewelry and evening bags, and can even help put together a dress drive at your school!

To donate a dress, click here to find a local dress drive. And if you don’t have a dress to donate or want to do more, you can start your own dress drive. Just click here! is the first national campaign designed to encourage girls around the country to donate their prom and special occasion dresses to those who cannot afford them for prom, sweet 16, quinceañera or formals. The site features a directory of local dress drive organizations across the U.S. that will enable girls to easily find out where they can donate or receive a dress. In addition, offers links to content on prom and quinceañera planning, hair and makeup tips, and other worthy causes.