Examples As To Why My Family Is Slowly Being Banned from All Restaurants

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Emmeline starts blowing raspberries on the plastic back of the booth. The lovely noises are echoing throughout the small restaurant. As everyone becomes deadly silent, Emmeline yells "Dat guy is doin poopin' farts! Him is poopin' fartin'!" And, in case anyone is wondering who she is referring to, she pokes him in the head with her chomp sticks. My mouth is full and I can't swallow it without choking. I am half laughing, half drowning in masago. Mute, I am unsuccessfully trying to get her to stop which just makes her increase her volume. Even Lena is horrified. Mouth full of some roll-like-thingy, I tuck Emmeline under my arm and make a mad dash for the door. Everyone yells goodbye to us.

We do laps around the plaza while we wait for the remainder of our party to finish eating. Emmeline has decided she's ready for second dinner. She grabs the door of the Chinese restaurant in the next section of the plaza. The door is locked. Apparently they were warned. I figured we would have at least a few weeks before restaurants locked their doors upon our arrival. And yet, I can't kick these last 5 lbs. Sigh...


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