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Did you ever have to watch a health video from ten years ago? Or had to study materials where the hairstyles and clothing gave away the age of the information? So many of us have had this experience that it's a familiar joke in our television and movies. Well, the students in Mrs. M's classrooms (and I say classrooms because she teaches health to all the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at her school) have been making due with Current Health Magazines from 1997 to 2000.

OK, it's not 1970, but we can do better. Because we all know that in this day and age, science changes fast and kids like the shiny. And terrifyingly enough, 1997 was over ten years ago. I was still cool in 1997. There's like a picture of me in those magazines.

And many of us know the joy of a brand new magazine full of up-to-date information. I *remember* Current magazines, do you?

Over at DonorsChoose, Mrs. M's challenge is aptly called Keeping Things "Current" in Health. Specifically, she's looking to get 25 subscriptions to Current Health Magazine for her almost 600 students and a TV to view current DVDs about health.  Her total cost is $758, and she's gotten a healthy start, but I know we can get her and her students all the way.

I just gave $36 to put her remaining need at a nice even $500. All donation levels are welcome - even the cost of one magazine you regularly read makes a difference.

Here's some of what Mrs. M has to say:

I travel to five different classrooms each day. The students have misperceptions about their bodies. (Did you know that if you have a bloody nose you should put a penny on your forehead?) They need to know so much more than the "sex stuff".

Moving from room to room, I bring everything with me and I often have to make adaptations to lessons when equipment is unavailable or not working. For example, each room has a television, but some don't work or can not be connected to the computer so having a TV/DVD that I could bring with me would enable me to use updated and relevant materials. I have been working to replace the outdated materials I found when I started this job two years ago. The subscription to Current Health magazine is the next item I would like to replace. The issues I have in my office are from 1997-2000. When students see hairstyles and clothing that are current, they will be willing to read about drugs on the street, nutrition and cyber-bullying. Their learning will be enhanced because they see kids who look like them in the articles.

Your help will ensure that my students feel connected to the world outside their city. They will know that the story on the news relates to them because they will be able to read about it in a publication that is for them and written on their level. I can be a more effective teacher because I know I have equipment that will work every time and the students will be engaged because they can see clearly and we can repeatedly view the sections they have questions about.

So I'm asking you, my readers new and old, to please help Mrs. M out as part of the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge which started on October 1st. You can read about BlogHer's participation in Denise's opening post, We've joined the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge in support of public schools. Here's a link to the BlogHer Contributing Editors Challenge Page where all of the editors' challenges live.

To participate, you can donate, and if you're so inspired, you can further 1) blog about the challenge, 2) create your own giving page, and 3) connect it to the BlogHer challenge page. And you KNOW we've got WIDGETS. Oh, how we bloggers love a good widget.

As for me and Mrs. M, we're all about up-to-date health education. New magazines can really make a difference, as will a working TV that she can bring with her through her amazingly busy day traveling all around her school teaching health. So head on over to check out DonorsChoose, and while you're there, won't you please donate to Keeping Things "Current" in Health?

And I would love it if you'd comment to let me know you did, so I can tell you how very much you rock and bring the joy.


Contributing editor Liz Rizzo also blogs at Everyday Goddess.


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