Don't Be Alarmed Or Anything...

I find there are two types of alarm clock users in this world. Those of us who shut the darn thing off and get up when it first rings, and those who do not. Unfortunately for me, my husband falls in the second camp.As far as I am concerned, if you are sleeping alone, and out of earshot of others, you can ignore your alarm clock, hit the snooze a million times, hurl it across the room or whatever, as long as you don't wake anyone else up in the process. If on the other hand, someone is asleep in the same room, shut it off immediately and don't even think of using that snooze button.
Hubby needs what I would kindly call a course in alarm clock etiquette.
This morning, I had to hear his alarm clock go off no less than three times. While it bothered me and woke me up, it had no effect on him. He only shut it off those three times after I elbowed him (yes, three times). Worse yet is his infamous blackberry alarm. The entire household, except for him, gets "entertained" on a daily basis, by his blackberry alarm going off down in the kitchen, across from and one floor below where he silently slumbers. What point does that alarm have other than to annoy the rest of us who do actually get up to get on with our days?

I am currently reading a great British book called What Was Lost (by Catherine O'Flynn) which is a real sarcastic look at our consumer society. A high point of the book for me is where one of the characters, Lisa, is looking for a new alarm clock. She has to keep upgrading to more and more obnoxious sounding alarms because her brain becomes numb to the sounds of the last one after a while. Maybe that's hubby's problem. Sounds like maybe some retail therapy will fix the problem.

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