Don't Blame Molly: Another Food Failure From The Mrs

I've blogged a lot about my ugly kitchen, and some of the things that redeem it for me. Obviously, the fact that it is where the food lives is- to me, at least - my kitchen's strongest point in its favour.

I've also mentioned Molly Wizenberg a fair amount, and her delicious book A Homemade Life, which I gobbled up on Saturday. When I should have been resting my eyeball.

That's not the point. The point is, I read it, and was compelled to enter my ugly kitchen, retrieve my skillet, and make Dutch Babies. Because Molly told me to.

Also because they sounded kind of like Beavertails, to be had on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. So delicious.

When they were done, and ready to be served with lemon and icing sugar, my Dutch Babies looked like this:

Dutch Babies

Or at least, mine did. This batch falls under the heading of food failure because they were slightly underdone and didn't taste like Beavertails. Yes, I'm serious. I'm failing a recipe because it is completely unlike another totally unrelated recipe. I'm failing me, mind you, not Molly.

Never Molly.

And in the end, the pan looked like this:

Dutch Babies, after the massacre

So they couldn't be that bad.

The Mrs seems to be blogging a lot about books, kids, food, food failure, and eyeball surgery.


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