Don't Buy Edible Glitter, Make Your Own

There's a glitter trend in cake decorating these days. Edible glitter is all over cakes and cupcakes, but not all of it is really edible.


There's a wide range of types of edible glitters. Some are made from gums, and some are made from plastic. Yes, plastic. The super-glittery type called "disco dust" is basically finely milled plastic craft glitter.


It's labelled "non-toxic" because it will pass through your system without being absorbed. That's what happens with plastic. For people who have digestive trouble when they eat things with small particles, though, it can be bad to consume.


A better option is to just not eat that type. The other type is made from edible gums, so it's no big deal in small quantities.


I wrote a tutorial on my cake blog about how to make your own edible glitter. You'll need some Wilton gum-tex, which is available in any craft store that sells cake decorating supplies. You'll also need some luster dust. Luster dust can be bought at some craft stores, but it's more likely that you'll need to get it online or in a cake decorating supply store.


If you want some colored flakes to sprinkle on the icing and it doesn't matter if they're really shiny or not, just use food coloring instead of some of the water in the recipe. Omit the luster dust and it will just end up colorful, but not glittery.

cupcakes with edible glitter

Credit: tawest64 on Flickr

Making your own glitter is really easy, and you'll be sure that you know what's going into it! For the full instructions, visit my blog at


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