Don't call it a DIET, call it a LIVE-IT! Here's 5 Rules to Follow.

The 5 New Live-it Rules:
(Or, how to Live-it-Up ©!)


The Common Cook has some advice for you. Namely, to stop calling your sensible food portions a “diet.” Words have powerful energy and can change the way you feel. And since nourishing yourself is one of the great events in life, I firmly belief you should call it a “live-it!”  In fact, why not go a step further and simply “Live-it-Up?”

1. Don’t do other things while you eat. Focus on the flavors, the chewing and the joy of it. Celebrate your mealtime with nice plates, maybe a flower on the table and make time to be grateful for the food and your ability to taste it. Enjoy eating and put that Kindle away!

2. Understand clearly what you’re consuming. Read labels, understand calorie and fat recommendations and do your best to AVOID SUGAR while searching for new flavors to experience. If you become a partner and not a victim, you'll feel stronger every day.

3. Stop connecting the act of eating with a body that LOOKS good, and connect it to a body that FEELS good. Trust me. The image will take care of itself.

4. Begin your Live-it with acceptance. Don’t start by hating anything about yourself. You can’t begin with your body as a battle ground. Accept every cell, every element of who you are RIGHT NOW, and then move towards change with exuberance and joy.

5. Don’t be afraid to go out to eat. It’s easy to customize your meal. Avoid sauces, dressings, and breads. Embrace double portions of vegetables, enjoy proteins, and of course you can have a bite of dessert as a reward. You’re not a prisoner, you’re just trying to Live-it-Up!!!

Copyright© 2014, Camine Pappas, All Right Reserved. Camine Pappas, Culineer


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