Don't Call it Temporary

Even after all these years there is still a stigma about temporary workers.  Quite honestly, the very notion of calling someone "temporary" seems to have a negative connotation to it and we are working hard to remove that word from our industry today.  Contingency workforce, interim employee, or Consultant are the proud and proper terms for this new decade of talent.  People still shun the thought of consulting when they come to our office. To some, taking a consulting gig is a death sentence when in fact 73% of our consultants get hired permanently in either the positions that they consult in or from being noticed while consulting.  Consulting is a means in which you can showcase your skills, it's a working interview, and an exceptional way for college graduates to display the talents that aren't on their resume.  For someone who has been out of the workforce it is an opportunity to land a position inside a great company while sharpening your skills and  immersing yourself into an updated culture; learning new skills and processes current to today's industries.

But not all consulting opportunities are created equally as recent as last week, we had a Quinnipiac Graduate with a very impressive portfolio come in to our office seeking an entry level position in the Creative field.  Already defeated by the time that he came to us, he simply admitted to going through the motions by coming to our firm, but was convinced into taking a 1099 contract position in Manhattan (a two hour commute for him) at $15.00 an hour.  My advice on taking a 1099 position will be saved for another article, but this was less than ideal for this particular candidate.  After spending an hour of time with him, discussing and reviewing his extremely impressive portfolio, we asked him to trust in us finding him a better opportunity.  He no longer possessed the confidence that he needed to believe that he could find a better opportunity and was very discouraged.  The Staffing Manager that he was working with was a very enthusiastic and convincing one and convinced him to believe.  We asked him to give us a week and promised immediate action. He reluctantly agreed.  Within two days we had an interview booked, with an offer to follow.  He was pre-closed at $35,000; but in fact, got a firm offer for $40,000 with full benefits, at a very prestigious firm in Connecticut, in his exact field.  He was over the moon with excitement.  This is the value and contribution that reputable staffing firms make for people, we create options and show you the variety of opportunities that are available to you.  Ideally everyone wants a permanent job but consulting is a marvelous means to remain visible, connected and surrounded by hiring authorities. 

Temporary might be temporary, but you aren't invisible, and when done properly, a time for you to show off your assets!



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