Don't Demure! Share your natural talents with the rest of us.

Some people demur about a "natural" talent? 

Pity, that. 

I have come to believe it is a simple lack of humility. This is all kinds of ironic because what those who hide their lights beneath a bushel are really hiding behind is a misunderstanding of what “humility” really means. 

I am a sometimes inspired writer with a fairly good track record of being able to put words (some of them real pretty too!) in a row across a page in such a way as to communicate ideas.

I didn’t create words and the ideas come to me with varying degrees of insistency or I sit myself in front of a computer screen with an intention and then begin an action that agrees with whatever happens to be my goal. What happens next? The actual outcome of my efforts? Well…that has very little to do with me. Very little.

(I can't even type and can't spell for shyt.)

I have always been a writer. I did receive a degree in a professional field which included writing but that was just my ego seeking to legitimize what I was already doing. What and how I write has changed very little over the course of my lifetime. I was simply born with a capacity and then acquired the ability to do what I was born to do (not like “born to do!” but like am capable of doing due to no virtue of my own—I didn’t even birth me.) 

When I get a compliment on something with my name attached, I usually say, “I know! Right?” even more impressed with what was published than the one who gave me the compliment. 

I do believe my willingness to let this natural talent (God-given gift or muse or whatever) have its way with me is why I get to write cool stuff from time to time. I am also quite aware that if I don’t write something that wants written, it is my loss alone. I will certainly read what I turned down soon enough. 

I have tried to demur but it doesn’t seem like modesty or humility but rather like a slight to that creative force that I happen to respect very, very much. I can’t help but to express joy or awe or just want to give props to the “Is” for picking me for the team that day. 

Here’s the problem with the lack of humility that keeps our gifted and inspired writers, poets, playwrights, singers, artists, teachers, builders, leaders, healers, inventors and innovators and such at bay until they are of an age to finally get over themselves and share their talents with the world: they are doing a disservice to not only their own experience but also denying the gift to the whole, wide world! 

This leaves the uninspired (and often authentically arrogant) to perform these valuable functions. 

Pity, that.


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