Don't Fight Over Money

Finances and marriage.

The two go together like a horse and carriage. LOL... sorry.


But seriously, money is something you'll have to work into marriage. There is no one-solution-fits-all because every person is different, thus every marriage is different. The one thing that is universal to successful dealings with money in marriage is honesty. Funny, this could be the key to everything in marriage being more successful, but we're focusing on the dollars today.

Shawn and I do not fight about money. We just refuse. To us it is simply not a good enough reason to get upset enough to fight over. Besides, do you know what the deal is with our money and the central bank?

We follow the simple rules:

-Live simply, below our means.

We don't go out every week. Or every weekend. It helps that we are homebodies and we hate most modern cinema, but this helps A LOT.

-Save every dime not used for regular expenses.

 Extra money will be pooled for DVD’s, yarn, extra grocery (like donuts, burritos or snacky crap), pet accessories, and home furninshings.

-Be open and honest about how much money you have and do not have.

I about crawled into the floor admitting to my husband how much money I do not have to help with the new TV. It made me feel worthless, which is ridiculous, but he wasn't mad. He was happy to know how much to set aside for the next few months instead of being surprised at my sudden confession upon receiving a bill when it would be too late.

 -Budget, budget, budget.

Even if you don’t mix your funds you MUST mix your budget. Like above, you have to be open with how much money you do and do not have for things (we have been together for 4 years before we were married and have not merged funds. We probably won’t for a while. It’s working for us).

-Remember that money is just money.

It is made and spent everyday. It is simply paper and the only stresses it can give you are the ones you give yourself over it. Sure things are easier with more of it, duh, but fighting about that won't give you more of it.

 Do you and your partner have tips that help your financial sharing stay happy and shiny? SHARE!!!