Don't Go Broke to Get Birth Control

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When I was but a young adult, I used to go to Planned Pregnancy and the Emma Goldman Clinic in Iowa City. At Planned Pregnancy, I got sliding-scale birth control pills. At Emma Goldman, I got condoms. I used both.

I love this post from Dr. Margaret Polaneczky on finding ways to save on birth control (though in my mind, we shouldn't have to). She writes:

If you live in New Hampshire, or some other state that is withdrawing Planned Parenthood funding, you may need to find an alternate source of affordable birth control, at least until the states get their heads screwed back on straight. In the meantime, please, don’t stop your birth control because you think you can’t afford it - the costs of not using it are much, much higher.

But what can you do to make the choice to use birth control even more cost effective?

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