Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls


 I'm a big romantic and sap for chick flicks. Since I'm currently employed as a caregiver for my youngest sibling Tuifiaola Afo, I got hired on as a seasonal worker fro Rastar til the end of the year and will be working at a customer service spot in North SLC. And reapplying at Delta Airlines & if I land that job. I will be dropping Rastar & that customer care job. Gotta make use of my flying The wheels in my head can't stop spinning. Not to mention being anti-social alot lately doesn't do me any good. So I was thinking why do we chase what we don't have. And especially things we can't get at the present time. But really want, whether it's our dream job, guy or life.And I'm coming to discover it's because we're not busy with the right things. When our priorites aren't set right. We aren't set right nor do we feel right. Both inside that than becomes evident on our outter appearance. I believe that when we truly value our own personal opinions of ourselves more than what others think of us. There's nothing we can't accompish & I'm on the road of applying that reality. So if your feeling down about anything. Absolutely anything.. I testify that you gotta look within & work out your corks. And if it means finding God to help you out. Than do it! Delaying will just keep you stuck where your at & we know you don't want to be stuck.

Sincerely Overland


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