Don't Leave Home Without Them?

Tomorrow we leave for our weeklong beach vacation.  As I pack, I meticulously check off each item on the list I created 2 weeks ago.  If it weren’t for the list, I would definitely forget the tweezers that may be needed in case of a splinter or the anti-itch cream that will only be needed if I forget to pack it.

Under the “Entertainment” section, I’ve checked off movies, mini-DVD player, playing cards, family games, books, etc.  What I have failed to list is the preferred entertainment for the 3 boys in this household.  The machines tenderly swaddled in plastic, shatter-proof outfits like digital newborns.  The ones that will require early-onset Botox to fix indented glabellas.  The ones whose names begin with a lower-case “i.”

Should I let them bring their devices?  Or should I stand firm and try to execute my fantasy beach vacation; the one where we are all playing games at night, eating popcorn and actually speaking to each other?  Hmmmm….  This thought process requires some further deliberation so I turn to the first person I think of for advice.

“Siri, should I let my boys bring their electronics on vacation?”

She replies, “I’m sorry, Violet, I’m afraid I don’t know what you should do.”

What?  She usually AT LEAST offers to check the web for me.

My next step would be to consult with the family Magic 8 Ball but my husband hid it from me since he thinks it’s a form of witchcraft.  I can’t bear to go online to the slew of parenting websites because I know what the moral solution is:  unplug for the week  (which kind of puts a damper on the Breaking Bad marathon my husband and I intend to have).  What to do….what to do…

So this is what I decided.
So this is what I decided.

I also decided to use the following guidelines:

  • Power down and collect electronics at bedtime to avoid late night shenanigans (does not apply to parents)
  • All boys must be dressed with teeth brushed before electronics are re-distributed (does not apply to parents)
  • No electronics outside or in the car (does not apply to parents)
  • If I have to say "Get Your Shoes On" more than twice, gaming privileges are lost for 24 hours (also applies to husband)

Let the good times roll!


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