Don't Look Now - But We're Surrounded


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Because I’m a politics junkie, I spend a lot of time reading and watching the various and sundry news outlets both on the web and on television.  I’m often reminded as I do this, that these people in Washington, DC have no earthly idea about the problems I face everyday as a woman and a wife. They say the right words and they pretend to care what happens to me and to my children, but they are just paying me lip service. Of course, reader friends, that same mouthing of platitudes applies to you as well. They live in ivory towers and are completely clueless about clipping coupons and buying in bulk – if and when you have the cash on hand – in order to save a few pennies. They are just playing the part we assigned them.


What we, as Americans and particularly as women, forget to do is to tell them what we expect of them.


If you were a business owner, would you hire a brand new manager who has little or no experience with your particular company and leave him in charge without telling him what you want him to do?? Of course you wouldn’t! Yet, we elect men and women to represent us and our interests, send them off to Washington or the State Capitol and cut our interactive ties with them the minute they get on the train. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.


In the next few months as the campaign rages on, we need to pay particular attention to the races close to home. In this election cycle, every seat in the House of Representatives is up for grabs and thirty-three Senate seats hang in the balance. Congressional seats, both at the National and State levels, are extremely important.  It is these people who make the laws that we must live with. It’s critical that these people really do speak for you and your value system.


You must pay attention to the Presidential race this election more than ever before. The current President has demonstrated a great contempt for the law. From his drug abuse as a child to his recent side-stepping of the laws on the books. Lately, through his Imperial Proclamations, this president has had his way with or without the support of congress. He’s been making no secret of his willful disobedience to laws forged in a bipartisan spirit. (This week he basically dismantled the Welfare to Work Program which was hammered out in the 1990’s between Gingrich and Clinton. This new program was billed as, “the end of welfare as we know it,” and mandated that all welfare recipients actually do some work in order to get a check.) My suggestion, of course, is to vote for anybody but Obama.


If we ever hope to put this nation back on track, the women like you and me who clip the coupons and worry over the electric bill, must take an active part in what must be a revolution. We cannot continue with business as usual. To that end, I offer this link. Here you can find the contact information you need for your elected representatives, watch the progress of legislation which impacts your family (like the defunding of Obamacare,) and even measure legislation against the Constitution which is also there as a resource for you. The war against women is real and we are surrounded.


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