Don't Pass on Cash!




   We live in a plastic world. Credit cards and debit cards are in good supply, and man o' man are they convenient! No having to dig through your wallet for cash or change. Just swipe it, and go! Also, who wants to worry about carrying cash around? You might lose the money. Well, I can tell you this, you are already losing money, and that little piece of plastic might just be the culprit. 


Ask most any financial adviser, and they will tell you that using cash for everyday purchases is the way to go. I was very skeptical when I first started researching cash over card. I mean, I love my little plastic friend, he is so simple, and hassle free! Well when I look at my bank account I see that differently. Cards are simple, and that is the problem! Swipe it and forget it is a horrible mantra when you are trying to budget.   The whole problem with using a card for every purchase is that you don't think about it, not really. You idly swipe, and don't worry about it. A dollar here or five dollars there, it's no big deal. Right? Until you finally get time to go look at your bank account, and then it's "Where did it all go!?".  Well you nickel and dimed yourself to death, because you weren't watching closely.


 Learn more about how to save money by using cash! Follow my link for the full scoop :)


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