Don't Praise Me Because I'm Bountiful

Good morning!

I was tested last night.

I went to Equinox to try an inspiring new fitness class called Torch. Torch was developed by a group called Bartendaz in Harlem playgrounds and public schools as a way to help kids get in shape through fun but challenging conditioning sequences. Now it's being taught at Equinox! I was drawn to it because there is also a mindfulness component that encourages self empowerment and leadership, plus, one of the teachers is my good friend and fellow intenSati istructor, Dyan Tsiumis. Want to know more? Check out D and Bartendaz looking and doing SO GOOD in this clip on Channel 7 ABC news!

Well, despite being at a pretty good level of fitness myself, after about 5 minutes of class I wanted to call Houston. I had more than just a problem. I had about 10. There were my legs, which felt like they had lead shooting through my veins keeping me from lifting my feet off the ground. There was my wardrobe malfunction that was not exactly the Janet moment I've always dreamed of attaining. There was my awkward, uncontrollable giggle fit that escaped my lips in between movements, particularly the one that closely resembled the running man (FUN!). Then, there was a large, intrusive (aren't they always) Moment of Truth that happened after I hit the ground to perform a sequence of push ups over 30 seconds:

1, Yes. 2, Yes. 3, Yes. 4, Yes. 5, Yes. 6, Ehhhh. 7, Shiiit. 8, Omg. 9, I caaaan't. 10, My arms are going to fall off. 11, I suck!!!!

I'm not even going to tell you what happened when we went into the core conditioning sequence. I would like to buy a consonant:


and two more consonants:

T! F!!!

(For more on WTF and how how to turn it into something what works for you, check out this incredible intenSati Workout/ Workshop with Natalia Petrzela and self-help author Dr. Christine Whelan coming up in May!)

Now, back to my core.

Certain exercises are not currently in my skill set. Last night, I saw clearly how much more I want to accomplish. I've talked about total body conditioning before but I just let it fall off my priority list and then I get pissed. But there is nobody to get pissed at but myself.

That's when another MOT comes. You ask yourself if you're ready to take on the challenge of setting NEW goals, accomplishing a HIGHER LEVEL or if you want to walk from away. No harm no foul either way. It's just a choice to make.

Here is what I know. This may sound so basic but, well, as my best friend's fictitious character that is part of her 1-woman show likes to say, "It's all about the basics, Carolann." Yes. The basics. The basics of accomplishing a goal go like this --

1. Practice makes progress.

2. To gain strength, you must use muscles you want to build. Target them with specificity and they will grow.

3. Start small and increase gradually over time. Start with 1 pushup a day. Progress to 5. Then 10.

4. If you want to improve, be prepared to get out of your comfort zone and into your challenge zone.

5. Give yourself props. Your own self encouragement will keep your head in the game.

That final point about self encouragement is a big one for me now. I've certainly had my share of external motivation. I've been so fortunate to have a LOT of very positive coaches and mentors in my life. I am where I am in part because of all the positive praise I've received throughout my life.

That said, I also can't say enough how much I don't want to hear it anymore. At all. I have my own inner voice that still is twisted up in some negativity and self sabotage and my intuition is telling me the breakthrough I SEEK, the one I am truly aiming for, is going to be the direct result of one thing and one thing only: ME.

I need to quiet down, hear myself think, focus and make the corrections necessary.

I am still happy to praise you if you need and want it!! Yes, yes, yes. Whatever it is you want to get done, YOU CAN DO IT. Just please don't praise me in return. I am bountiful!! So are you. I won't praise you if you don't want it. We always have it all within ourselves and just need to unearth the goods. :) With love.