Don't shelve the flips 'til it snows when you're sporting semi-sustainable sandals!

Despite the fact that we’re now supposed to be thinking about fall
leaves, until it’s basically snowing we ecostilettoistas won’t give up
our flip flops. And why should we, when we’re sporting the fabulousity
that is the Libertas Minx Sandal? All au courant and Grecian-inspired,
with woven gold straps that weave up the center of your foot and soft,
padded soles, really the only thing this sandals have in common with
traditional flops is a v-shaped toe strap—though here they’re studded
with tiny dots of gold.

No, the gold isn’t recycled, and yes, these sandals are leather, so
vegan readers may want to click away now. But despite the fact that
Libertas is a wee line that’s struggling to compete in the cutthroat
luxury market, they still go the extra mile to produce what they’re
calling “semi-sustainable” goods. That means avoiding the use of
petroleum-based components like synthetic soles and plastic hardware,
shipping goods in recycled boxes and producing collections in limited

And these collections are so gorgeous you might want to buy in bulk
yourself. Aside from the iconic Peace Sandal and the aforementioned
Minx, they’ve got flats, wedges, kitten heels and a stiletto
appropriately named Vixen. All designed to take you from the beach to
the boardroom, without even having to change your shoes.

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