Don't Tell Mommy

Between the years of 1956 and 1967 my mother wrote letters to the Harry Holt Adoption Agency. She wrote of the mistakes she had made in her past, of how desperately she wanted children, and after getting them, she wrote about the antics of a growing family. She often told me she wanted to have a baby in the house always. The trouble was for 19 years all she got was me.

And then 3 Korean children came into her life. 

To make her happiness complete, miracle of miracles, 21 years after she gave birth to me, she had a natural-born son.

After Mom's death the agency gave copies to my step-dad who gave them to my sister, who gave them to me--another miracle is that those copies endured all those years. I'm sure Mom thought they were for the agency's or "Grandma" Holt's eyes only, but I believe they are for anyone who has ever loved a child, and been loved by one. 

The irony is that there was a secret in the family we never told Mommy.

Interspersed among Mom's letters are my letters to her.

I tell the secret.

Although the book is titled "Don't Tell Mommy" my message is, of course, DO TELL.

Don’t Tell Mommy is available as an eBook through and Barnes & Noble, and soon on Apple i Bookstore, Sony Reader, Kobo, copia, Gardners, Baker 7 Taylor, eBookPie, and eSentral

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