Doomed...a life sentence.

Ahh mistakes...I love you so. Prompts that start with, "Do you think..." always scare me. Are we doomed to repeat mistakes if we don't remember them?

Pretty much, yeah.

Ok. Done with my blog for today.

Kidding of course.

The big choosing the same type of man/boy to fall in love with and then getting squished like a bug by his (completely predictable) behavior. Yes, definitely remember those mistakes. Good Lord Woman! I've told you that a gazillion times already!

Wearing high heels to a lawn party. Big Mistake! Come on...the flats may be stumpifying but the heels with 3 inches of mud, grass and embarrassment look worse. Remember this one.

Dropping kids off at school, un-showered, in pajamas, morning's a mistake. You will get in a fender bender. You will have to get out of the car. Being braless with FOTHOS (full on tittie hard ons) and the fact that they point East and West, not NORTH and definitely not forward, (another "benefit" of menopause), only add to the mortifying drama that labels you as THAT MOM.

It happens. May HAVE actually happened. To me.

Taking your  "cleanse" capsules on the day you have 10 errands to run. Mistake. When the tummy starts rumbling at the grocery. You are going to face so many of your hang-ups; you will be in therapy for months. No, I don't potty in public. No, I am not a fast runner. No, doubling over with cramps in aisle 6 is not really a great idea. The aisles are WAY TOO narrow for that. Just grab the handbag, leave the cart, and go to the car. You are home today. All the damn day.

If you forget that this will repeat the cleanse in about 14 days and face a similar fate at CVS. Whatever...have it your way.

Seriously, mistakes are what we do. We are flawed.

I find that I say to my two girls things like, "how many times do I have to tell you not to... (fill in the blank)", and "remember how I warned you about this? And yet you still did it...”

We are hard wired to keep on keeping on even if we are doing it wrong.

Again. Flawed. Not perfect.

But learn already.



Quit going through life with blinders on and complaining that you can't see. Ya know what I mean?

I am talking to you. I mean me. I mean us.

I try to help my daughters see when they are making habits out of mistakes. I try to demonstrate growth as well. By not being a big dork and doing the same crazy shit over and over with them as my audience. But they are such a great audience.

"Mom, really? Cramps again at the grocery"? "Stop trying to kiss me goodbye, in your pajamas"! "Hello! Wear a bra". Kidding on the last one....I always wear bras. My boobs are not ready for prime time. I have taken to sleeping in a bra. It’s come to that.

Back to my lecture on mistakes....

I err daily. Sometimes hourly. I used to agonize over mistakes and really spend time on the cross. But now, I just MOVE on. Get over it. If it doesn't leave a scar, then it is not worth my time.

Fall down, get up. Scratch. Heal. Whatever. I am no expert. I just get up and get through it. I brushed my teeth before I dropped kids today. I made my pj's look like a cute outfit by adding my pink Nike, long sleeved running shirt to my flannel pj pants.

Get on my level. It's the little things I tell ya.



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