DOORMATS and PEOPLE PLEASING......When TOO Much is TOO Much....


I think many if not most people allow themselves to get overloaded…..Overloaded with life obligations that many are not even theirs to take on….Some people simply take on any request that is made of them….Sort of like a horse that gets overloaded with too much baggage…..That horse eventually can’t handle the load and collapses….This seems to be how many people live their lives…..Overloaded….

Life is meant to be enjoyed and overloading one’s life with unnecessary obligations is not the right way to do it….We all have obligations…That is life….The important thing is to not take on obligations or commitments that are not ours to take on….When we do that we can mess up the olbigations and commitments that we should be focused on….It waters down our time and simply exhausts us…

So many people overload themselves because they are people pleasers or even worse doormats….Doormats are meant to wipe our feet on….Doormats are not meant to be people…..Being nice to others is not people pleasing….but consistently taking on obligations that are not ours to take on can very well be people pleasing….

We can’t do it all or be it all in life….That is impossible….We can do our very best at what we should be doing in life….We have to know what is right for us to take on and what is not…..We have to be comfortable saying “no” to what is not right for us to obligate ourselves to….Many people simply do not know how to say “no” in life and that is why they end up overloaded and exhausted….

The word “no” should be used when necessary and right….so that we can say “yes” to the great things in life…..Being a doormat or people pleaser doesn’t get us anywhere good in life. It simply drains our energies and saps any pleasure from what is good in our lives……Being comfortable doing what we are meant to be doing and being comfortable not taking on what is ours to NOT take on is key to a happy and well balanced life…..KEEP LIFE HAPPY….


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