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I love the written word.  Ever since I was a young child, books and the characters within them have been my best friends, I found them to be kindred spirits.  I’ve always found reading to be so effortless, something that immediately transports me to far away places where I meet new people.  I sadly come back to real life to remember that those people are merely beautiful characters and not actual people, which encourages me to go back to them as soon as possible.  The experience of reading a book for the first time, the surprises it brings, is indescribable for me.

In complete contrast to that, I also love pop culture.  I watch enough entertainment news programs to keep me up to date on all the pop culturey things I’m interested in.  Some may say it’s too much, but I say that of the things to be addicted to, at least this stuff isn’t completely ruining my health!

For those concerned about me as a person, I’m a 20 something QA engineer living in Denver, Colorado.  I have two dogs and a cat, and a generally boring life.  I have been accused of being like a 60 year old woman due to my love of knitting and yard work.

A lot of this is still going to be about books, my opinions about what I read, etc.  I will be reviewing everything I read and watch, plain and simple.  I may use some bad language.  I will write how I talk and what I say is genuinely what I think.  Sorry if I hash one of your favorite books or TV programs.