The Dos and Don’ts of #Hashtag Marketing

Now that Facebook is considering using #hashtags for the new platform, I thought it necessary to write a blog about the good use of hashtags in your marketing campaigns. In today’s social media world, hashtags are a powerful marketing tool. For those new to these little social utensils, here is an education on how you can use them:

The Do’s – Use Hashtags

  1. For trade shows and conferences
  2. To find conversations on Twitter and Instagram
  3. To join TweetChats
  4. Freely on Instagram to describe your image
  5. To identify a tribe on Twitter
  6. To find out what your competition is doing
  7. For research
  8. For campaigns on multiple Social Marketing channels
  9. Keep the hashtag simple
  10. Research your hashtag to make certain it’s not already in use

The Don’ts…

  1. Never use for every word in twitter
  2. One does not use hashtags to over-express emotion (it’s just bad etiquette)
  3. Please don’t pick hashtags that aren’t recognizable and if you do, you should write a blog explaining the hashtag
  4. Don’t use too many characters
  5. Don’t stray from consistency! If a number of people in your organization are using Twitter to promote, and they neglect to use the same exact same hashtag, no one will be able to see the whole conversation.

Don’t Be Fooled…

Hashtags may seem simple, but there are a lot of rules. That doesn’t mean you should be afraid to use them! Keep these guidelines in mind and you will be well on your way to running successful marketing campaigns.

Now tell us, if Facebook makes the switch to hashtags, is that a favorable idea, or does it make you concerned?

Janette Leon-Speyer

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