Pure Barre - My Unlimited Month

Up, up, hold. Up, up, hold. This is your hour. Embrace the shake. These are a few of my favorite phrases from the classes I attended.

This 55 minute core strengthening class is an amazing workout. Abs, seat, hips and arms are the focus. Yes please! The music is loud and fun. The instructors are motivating. My fellow classmates are extremely strong and flexible. What is not to like?

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The Pure Barre classes use a ballet barre, a ball, tubes/rubber bands, light weights, and mats as tools. Movement in this class is very controlled. Ideally for many of the exercises you move no more than a couple of inches. An example would be stand in a narrow first position holding on to the ballet barre. Go in releve' with your heals together, tuck your hips under, bend you knees and go down, down hold, down, down hold. Try that combined with the rest of the work out and you will understand the saying 'embrace the shake'.

pure barre, core strength class, flat abs, healthy mom My month of barre was a great gift from a couple of friends. I tried to go 3-4 times a week. Unfortunately, with two small kids, running and swimming had to take a back seat to Pure Barre for a month. I can not say that physically I look any different from 14 classes, but I feel very strong.

Pure Barre classes filled in a void in my training. My goal is to work more on my core and stretching at home. And perhaps meet my friends at Pure Barre rather than the coffee shop.


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