Double Jog Stroller Strategies *That Failed*

writen by RunStylish,

1. Tell the kids you will run them to the closest pet store (we call it our local zoo).  This works great to get them in the jogger, but running home with a fish doesn't end well.  Trust me.running with fish, moms running, healthy mom, exercise with kids, run

2. I tried to tie my iPhone to the middle of the snack tray on the double jogger.  In addition to the girls bickering that they couldn't see the movie, my phone barely survived the tug-a-war.
3. Running with friend who also has a double jogger.  We would attempt to run next to each other on our narrow trail.  It was impossible because one of us would need to stop abruptly or speed ahead to avoid hitting people or bicyclist on the trail.running trail, moms running, running with kids, healthy family, double jogger
4. To make the girls stroller ride exciting I would find bumps in the trail or sidewalk.  This actually worked for a while until my daughter bumped her chin on the snack tray.  It wasn't pretty.double jogger, running with kids, moms running, healthy family, run
5. Trying to race a 5K pushing a double jogger.  Between starting mid-pack, because you want to eek out a decent time, and passing people on a narrow trail it's just not worth it.  Your time is never good.  Not to mention, the people you passed now hate you.
running with kids, moms running, healthy family, run, double stroller