Double Jump Ropes

This morning I received a text message at 5:15 in the morning.  My alarm was set for 6:15.  The night had already been a lousy one with waking kids here and there and the text at five fifteen was far too early for me.

However, it was a person I know who was asking if I was going swimming.  It's a person who wants to exercise, has a crazy work schedule and doesn't feel comfortable going to the gym or pool by herself.  It's a person who is reaching out so of course I texted back and said the plans were to go to the gym instead.

She ended up going back to bed, but is going to go tomorrow.  It's a very good thing, but it took me some processing to fully appreciate that because I wasn't able to fall back asleep.

Eventually, I just got up and made some coffee to address my too-little-sleep headache and then got myself ready to go to the gym with my normal gym partner.

We went and did Jillian's Shred It level two which went great.  I even found myself doing the double jump ropes meaning that I didn't just slightly jump up, but I really jumped up like I was whipping that pretend jumprope under my feet twice per jump.  Afterwards, we went outside for a 20 minute jog.  My friend has been doing the couch to 5K and did her first non-stop 20 minute run on a treadmill last week.  Today was her first time outdoors.

It was stressful because she didn't really want to go out and we didn't really know what it would be like to run together.  It was good.  I liked jogging along with a friend talking about things.  It's so much better being outside than inside and so much more interesting with another person. 

The pace was not as fast as I would normally go nor as long a time, but it was perfect for her and it was refreshingly simple for me.  Not too long ago, that 20 minutes would have felt somewhat unpleasant.

It was also a good amount to go because my dang hip is still hurting.  It is even hurting enough that I'm Googling and contemplating going to the local doctor to see if he would suggest anything different than the good medical sites. 

And the bummer is that this week I'm feeling better and have a yearning to go out running.  The weather is gray and cool and perfect for being outside.  But I won't go run and will instead keep trying to figure out what I can do to prevent it from getting worse and to help it get better.  Blechola!



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