The Dove Self-Esteem Fund Thanks You for Making a Difference!

Thank You For Making a Difference!

 Can you recall a day where you were certain it couldn't get any worse? And then suddenly you had an interaction with someone in your life that brought you back to the reality that you are not alone and that in fact people were rooting for you? Perhaps you were the one to help a young girl in your life feel empowered – as a mother, teacher, or mentor. Many people in our lives help us get connected back to our sense of self, especially as young girls. They are a deep part of our self-esteem and it's time to recognize these unsung supporters by saying thank you.

The Dove Self-Esteem Fund has asked 8 BlogHers to share their experiences with self-esteem. Whether it was something that someone said to them, or something they said to a girl to pay it forward, here are some moments that have made a difference.

"Self-esteem in young women is an important topic," says Deb from VodkaMom.

JMom from Amoores wants her daughters to know that "whatever color their skin is, whatever kind of hair they end up with or whatever shape their body decides to take on; these are the things that make them who they are."

Small Town Mommy realized how important it is to make sure her daughter has confidence in herself. Read about the ways she works with her daughter to build self-esteem.

"It’s so important for girls to have strong, secure, steady female role models, who can show them how to be confident, compassionate young women who love they are, what they look like, and are comfortable with their definition of beautiful," says Keely from Hopes, Hugs and Haskell.

Xiaolin Mama wants the voice in her daughter's head to be hers - and it will only be positive.

As a parent volunteer, Michelle from Full Soul Ahead, makes sure teach girls how to be more supportive of others. See how she gets involved with the girls in her community.

Retro-Food says that, "teaching positive body image gives our daughters magic, power and sparkle. That can be nothing but good when they head out in the world to find love, share their hearts and their heads, and make tomorrow a better place."

You can make a difference too! There are so many ways to get involved. Start by thanking someone that has made a difference in your life. Being grateful and letting someone know you are blessed to have received their support is also the best way to pay it forward.

Inspire a girl in your life and ask her what she thinks makes her beautiful. Upload her testimonial to be featured on the Real Beauty Wall.

Your Dove purchase can also make a difference! Enter your Dove UPC and we’ll donate $1 to self-esteem building programs for girls.*  

 The Dove Self-Esteem Fund is committed to helping girls build positive self-esteem and healthy body image. We’ve reached 3.5 million girls so far. And, with your help, we can reach 5 million by 2010.

Thank You For Making A Difference!

*Maximum donation of $500,000. Limit of $1 per household. No purchase necessary. Promotion ends 12/15/09. Open to legal residents of the United States.