Down with Mompreneurs

Not the people, the word. 

 The term has gained popularity over the last few years describing women who have children, and then in another masochistic move decide they want to strike out on their own, either in pursuit of passion or flexibility or both. It has also earned the unintentional (I hope) connotation of a "second-tier" entrepreneur, somewhat who is not unconditionally dedicated to her venture  as starter-uppers are meant to be (presumably because of the "mom" bit), or unskilled or less professional than their non-mom counterparts (because really, how can you develop skills while cleaning baby poop ten times a day?). 

 Wrong and wrong. I have met many female entrepreneurs and not one of them has her roots in tupperware parties. They are all business-savvy women, assertive in decision-making who know what they want and are giving a shot at getting it. A typical entrepreneurial personality profile,  actually. Nothing different. Except for the c-section scar or slightly deformed vagina. 

I am an entrepreneur who runs a business focused on parents. I leverage my status as a mother because it helps me connect with my audience, not because it's the only way to describe my leadership or business model. If you didn't know I was a mother, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Being a mother and an entrepreneur are two aspects of my personality, I have others. I am carnevorous -  can I call myself a carnepreneur? If I were writing a food blog maybe, but otherwise the fact remains strictly irrelevant. Same with mompreneur. 

 So let's do ourselves a favor and not add unnecessary qualifications to our  entrepreneurial ability.  Like we retired the word "actress" because it didn't command the same status as the word "actor", it's time for "Mompreneur" to go.




Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan


Twitter @momaboard


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