Down Time (Recipe: Stir Fried Forbidden Black Rice with Tempeh, Garlic Scapes, Crimini)

I thought things were slowly returning to an upswing but I was wrong. Last Saturday I fell during a ceremonial Walk To London roll and trashed my helmet. The fall was absurd and I am mad at myself for crashing under such innocuous circumstances. My helmet served me well and shattered as it should but I was dizzy for some time. After much consideration, I was taken to a nearby hospital in Washington DC on an ambulance, strapped to a board on the stretcher to immobilize me. When the triage nurse assessed my injuries, she asked is my home a safe place. I didn’t understand the question at first and was puzzled by this totally unrelated question. Of course my home is a safe place. It only dawned on me hours later that my weekly scars from skating-related crashes look suspiciously like the result of domestic violence. Not good, Candy, not good.

Stir Fried Black Rice with Tempeh, Garlic Scapes, Crimini

CAT scan and x-ray were taken and all results came back negative. But this emergency room visit was emotionally challenging. It was a very scary feeling to be surrounded by strange faces while lying helplessly on a stretcher, unable to move, unable to determine how badly I just hurt myself. The paramedics and triage nurses argued back and forth if my injury was a trauma only added to my stress. I was passed around between many different medical professionals. Although all of them were calm and friendly, I couldn’t shake that horrible feeling of being interrogated with the same questions over and over again. It almost felt like a trick to see how long it would take for me to break down. Obviously that was not the intention but I rarely felt so scare and lonely at the same time.

Stir Fried Black Rice with Tempeh, Garlic Scapes, Crimini


Head injury is not to be taken lightly. Since I was discharged from the hospital, I’ve been paying close attention for any signs of concussion. I get spells of dizziness and mild pressure in the head. Next week I’ll have an appointment with a concussion specialist for a more thorough examination. In the mean time, advice I received from the clinic is that I cease all optional physical and cognitive activities to be on the safe side. This is a tall order because it means outside of my work hours, there will be no skating, no training, no computer, no reading, no television…well, you get the idea. What do I do with myself?

I clean and I cook, obviously.

After returning home from work and Costco, I cooked up a simple bento of stir fried Forbidden Black Rice with Tempeh, Garlic Scapes, and Crimini Mushroom in Maple Soy Sesame Sauce. The sides included a handful of bright red sweet cherries and a few savoury Seaweed Sesame Sablés. I love the bold Asian flavour of this vegan fried rice that can be enjoyed warm or room temperature. The meaty taste of crimini mushrooms along with the fragrant garlic scapes are very welcome even for my reduced appetite. I like to keep containers of cooked grains in the freezer in 1-cup portions because they are such convenient items for a quick meal.

Get the recipe from Dessert By Candy.

Stir Fried Black Rice with Tempeh, Garlic Scapes, Crimini

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