Down to the Wire

With this pregnancy drawing to a close, it seems like all I've been focusing on is the weight I'm gaining, the ankle definition I seem to be losing and what ELSE needs to be done RIGHT NOW before this little boy arrives! I swear my husband should be made a saint. While I have a few minutes, I just need to remind myself all of the wonderful things I have expereienced over the past 35 and a half weeks.

  • I am growing another human being inside my body. This is the most amazing thing ever!
  • Feeling the baby squirm and move around inside my womb melts my heart and at one point in my life I never thought I would experience this.
  • Being proud of my body. Yes, I may hate that at every doctors appointment the number on the scales gets bigger and bigger, but at the same time, my belly gets rounder and rounder and I have to admit, I make one cute pregnant woman!

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