Download the BlogHer '14 Conference Guide: Everything You Need to Know for San Jose!

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In an effort to Go Green for our conference, we will not have a printed agenda on site. However, in addition to our amazing app (download it!), we have a digital Conference Guide for you to download, read, save to your tablet or smartphone, and/or print if you so desire.

The Conference Guide covers everything you need to know about BlogHer '14. It's got the agenda, maps, speaker bios, Pathfinder Day information, info for Day 1 and Day 2, Voices and Photos of the Year (with all honorees!), the official party plan, and—as it's a PDF—links, links, and more links. Additionally, it's got a Newbie Q&A, important information about our efforts to Go Green, and must-read info about our sponsors.

Basically, you want to read this now and have it handy later.

Plus, it's really pretty. See?

BlogHer '14 Conference Guide

And that's just the cover. It's filled with pictures, beautiful colors, and other eye-catching things to help you make BlogHer '14 your best conference yet. So go ahead and read through it, download it, memorize it, and save it to all of your devices.

(Tip: Download Adobe Reader for your smartphone or tablet's operating system. Then the PDF can be saved on your device and you won't need wifi to access it as you move around San Jose.)


BlogHer Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog.