Downsizing - Our First Efforts (In a Really Long Time)

I came across the Rowdy Kittens blog a few weeks ago, and my desire for a more simple life was hugely rekindled (thank you, Tammy!). I spent the weekend before last going though our home library with the goal of getting rid of enough books to remove a 6' bookshelf from our house.  Success! Since I operate an independent, online bookstore from our house, about 1/3 of the books we got rid of went to inventory (many of which are already for sale online!). The rest went to a bookseller up north. And the bookshelf went out on the side of the road with a 'free' sign attached, and was gone a few hours later (the benefits of living on a busy road). We also sold a head and foot-board set that had been residing in our basement since buying our house 7+ years ago (same side-of-the-road technique). 

We had a lot going on this weekend (husband working, birthday for our youngest son), but I still managed to attack our kitchen with my renewed spirit, and filled 5 boxes with mugs, glasses, pots, pans and whatnot from our cabinets.  I have a bit more left in our kitchen, but the progress feels great.  I know my husband is finally on board when he didn't discourage my cabinet-cleaning efforts at 7 PM last night (when we should have been getting the boys ready for bath and bed), AND actually helped. Either that or he was resigned to the fact that when I'm on a mission it's easier to just get it over with rather than try to dissuade me.  He's awesome either way. 

We're away for the holiday next weekend, so in December I'm aiming for reducing my wardrobe by about 1/3, and getting rid of a dresser.  Any ideas for what comes next?? 

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