Downsizing Supermom

Have you noticed the Mom Mania that's been going around the past few years? People and brand identities centered around the concept of mom, mama, or motherhood? Is it just me, or does this hyper attention seem over-inflated?

Maybe Moms are taking their roles too seriously. It's possible that too much time focused on kids leaves LESS time for kids to figure things out for themselves. If independence is necessary to learn problem solving skills, and if society's problems are getting larger, then don't we have a responsibility to raise supersized problem solvers?

I had a 70s moment this summer that finally nailed this realization: I need to do LESS parenting, and more living!

Here are some actions from the new regime that are making a difference in our daily lives, and spurred creativity from the little ones at the same time...

MORE TIME TO PLAY - I got tired of the term 'playdate', it was too tough to pull off. So instead I started dropping my kids off at friends houses on random days after school. It works! Now we all do it. The kids are having a blast and I spend less time as household entertainer.

WALKING TO SCHOOL - I park farther from campus, walk to a certain point, and then wave goodbye and let the kids walk themselves to their classrooms. We get exercise, the kids get autonomy, and I don't have to stand around waiting for the classroom door to open.

SET UP A LOUNGE CHAIR IN THE YARD, AND SIT ON IT - It's amazing the tricks you see kids do when you take a moment to rest, and observe the "mom, did you see that?" stuff. Big plus is that my feet are up the whole time.

TALK ON THE PHONE TO AN OLD FRIEND - Let your kids fend for themselves while you call an old high school buddy. If they get bored, and go and find something to do, you've just done them a favor.

TRAVEL - (Well, I had to put a plug in somewhere!) The bonus challenge here is to travel without a ton of electronic devices that archive every moment. I'm still working on that one.

Although I can't, in good faith, add cigarettes, I'm sure there are other ideas out there for this list. Good topic for a Girls Night Out!


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