Downtime Tip – TAKE A DAY OFF!

Things were getting a bit too hectic so I did something completely opposite to my natural instincts: I took the day off work today!

Yes I have a lot of work, but I was going a little bit insane—especially since my weekend was so packed out that I couldn’t even sit down to write a simple blog post. So here I am at home, after cooking a leisurely lunch on a Monday afternoon, sipping on a cup of tea and writing my blog post and NOT thinking about work!

I’ll tell you about my weekend:

On Saturday night, after a whole day of working (yes I worked from home, all day. Husband was not too pleased…) I had a dinner date -- with my girl friends! It was the best break I could have ever asked for after all these weeks. Even though we haven’t spoken to each other since the last time, we had an amazing dinner!

On Sunday morning, I switched off the laptop and went back to my first love, horseback riding. Here’s the magnificent beautiful, gentle creature that captured my heart:

Everything came back to me naturally, but dismounting was a bit of a pain! For some reason it just went out of my head. 

So indeed, downtime on this great Monday is much-needed. Anyway, the hubby is still at work and will be home in a bit so I’m going to start on dinner pretty soon. I enjoy this, having time to myself.


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