Dr. Drew wants you!

Do you have an addiction problem and want to have it and your treatment aired on television for millions of people to see? Well, I have just the man for you.

Dr. Drew.

His full name is Dr. Drew Pinsky and he’s treated famous drunks and addicts on his Celebrity Rehab and Sober House programs, which air on cable network’s VH1. And the casting agency responsible for finding those in need is now, for the first time ever, announcing an open call for “real people.”

The announcement, see left, states: “Participants will be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to enroll in a no-cost, 30-day treatment program to begin the process of breaking free from the bonds of addiction and take their first steps down the road to recovery.”

And the added bonus, for those glory seekers among us, is you get to be on TV and who knows? Maybe become a movie star.

I say that tongue-in-cheek. Wrestling with addiction is one tough and often uphill battle. I highly doubt I’d want an audience to bear witness to it, if it were my choice. But to each his own.

If you’re interested, or you know someone who is, you can click here to apply.

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