Dr. Oz on Oprah: Being Grateful Is Good For Your Health

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Dr. Oz was on Oprah the other day, talking about longevity and good health. I thought it was interesting that "being grateful" is actually an important aspect to good health.

Dr. Oz says that showing gratitude is another reason why people in these communities have such long and healthy lives. "If you're grateful for the things that have always happened to you, sometimes they're not always good, but you find lessons and meaning in them," Dr. Oz says. "Hope isn't about a good outcome. It's about making sense of stuff. And these people have made sense of their life, and they do it all the time."

Gratitude Improves Your Health...

Research shows that simply focusing each day on three to five things for which you can be grateful will increase your health and happiness. Everyone has something to be grateful for. Just being alive for one. Having a job, or enough money for lunch, or a roof over your head are all things we can be grateful that we have, but we often take these for granted.

For an even stronger dose of health and happiness, express your gratitude to someone else. Holding the thought of gratitude for a good friend will benefit you. Expressing that gratitude to the friend will benefit both of you.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to recognize all the little things in our lives that we can be grateful for. And, if it's people in your life that you are most grateful for...Tell them.

What are you grateful for?

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