Dr Oz's Fat Flush Water

Dr. Oz Fat Flush Water Dr. Oz's Fat Flush Water as Seen on The Biggest Loser

Need to lose weight, try Dr. Oz's Fat Flush Water.  I first saw this Fat Flush Water introduced on the Biggest Loser with Kim Lyons.  If you are not familiar she was a trainer for a year on the Biggest loser.   You can certainly add additional ingredients!   What does the ingredients in Dr. Oz's Fat Flush Water really do?

Grapefruit The large amount of Vitamin C actually turns fat into fuel.  Grapefruit has been labeled lately as the perfect fruit.  Why? 


Grapefruit packs a punch!  

Fat Flush Water

Fat Flush Ingredients

 Cucumber is another fabulous ingredient in theFat Flush Water.  Cucumber actually helps make you feel full and is mostly water which makes it a natural diuretic.  This means less bloating and holding onto to water.

Tangerines are one of my favorite fruits too.  I make the Fat Flush Water at least twice a month.  All of the fruits here are organic.  That is really important since I am leaving the skins on.   The tangerine will  increase your sensitivity to insulin.  Stabilizes blood sugar and stimulates genes to help you burn fat. 

Peppermint helps and contributes to a calming in your stomach and better digestion.  

  • 58 Ounces of Filtered Water
  • One Grapefruit
  • One Tangerine
  • One Cucumber
  • 20 Peppermint Leaves
  1. Wash all your organic fruits.
  2. Cut into pieces.
  3. Pull Peppermint leaves off of the branch,
  4. Place all pieces in a large glass pitcher or jar.
  5. Steep overnight.
  6. Drink at least one glass before every meal.
  1. Keep adding water to this as you drink it. I keep it for a week then start over.
By Skinny Over 40
Adapted from Dr Oz Show