Amy Tan Is Awesome, Honest and Totally Rockin'

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Most people know Amy Tan best for her breakout novel The Joy Luck Club. It's a pretty great book. But that is not why I think she's awesome.

Amy Tan

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The Amy Tan of her nonfiction collection of essays, The Opposite of Fate: A Book of Musings, is the one I love. I listened to her read her book in the car as I drove to and from my last job. She writes frankly about what it feels like to have Cliff Notes written about you, to become a question on standardized tests. Can you imagine? But it happened to her.

She writes about writing about her family, telling their stories along with her fictionalized ones. Of all people, bloggers can understand the struggle between needing to tell the story and not wanting to hurt the people around us. I respect Tan for writing her books, but also for giving us this window into the backstory behind them.

She's hilarious. Even if you have thirty seconds to listen to this TED talk on creativity, you'll see what I mean.

And -- if you still need a reason to love Amy Tan -- she is in a rock band -- the Rock Bottom Remainders -- with Stephen King and a bunch of other famous authors. They tour NEXT MONTH. Man, I wish I lived on the East Coast.

Amy Tan: honest, awesome and totally rockin'.

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